Step #2 – Drink Water

Did you set your goals?  Are you ready?  This is the first active step you will take towards a healthier you and it’s so easy.  How much water do you drink everyday?  Probably not enough.  Honestly, some days I don’t even drink enough.  Life gets hectic, I lose track of time and next thing I know it’s noon and I haven’t had anything to drink yet.  Bad, bad, bad.  I have no excuses.

Before I put any food into my body, each morning I try to drink about 16 oz of water with 1/2 lemon or lime squeezed into it. I actually cannot stand the taste of plain water.  I need something in it for flavor.  I then immediately re-fill so I can always see the water staring at me as I go about my day and I’m forced to drink it.  I buy lemons and limes by the bagful at least every other week.

I gave up the bottled water habit last year (it’s expensive and plastic is one of my least favorite options).  I made an investment in a Berkey water filter for my home.  It’s portable.  It’s not a whole house system.  It filters about 2 gallons of water and the filters last for a few years (depending on the amount of water you filter through them, but I’ve calculated 4 years for my family).  You can research more about it on their site (  When I’m on the go I have a glass water bottle made by Life Factory.  I have one, my husband has one and my children have one.

If you drink sugary drinks (a completely separate topic), try swapping out 1 of those drinks for a glass of lemon/lime water.  Not easy, I know, but you can do it!!

So that’s it!  Drinking more water is the next step.  Whatever amount you’re drinking now, try to up it by 8 ounces per day.  Then maybe in a few days, up it a little more.

See you on the next step!