Step #4 – Balance Your Life

So much easier said than done, right? I get it. As a working wife and mother of 2 I know it’s not easy. You are constantly being pulled in multiple directions, worrying about how your long to-do list is going to get done and never setting aside any time for self-care. Your life becomes a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. You are undernourished, not only on your plate, but in your soul. That stops now! You will never be able to nourish your body with food until you nourish your body with love, passion and excitement for life. I touch on this concept a little bit in “Are You an Emotional Eater?” but I’ll get into it a little more here.

In what areas of your life are you lacking? What areas do you want to work on? The Institute for Integrative Nutrition designed a great tool that you can use to determine what areas in your life are “missing something”? It’s called the “Circle of Life” and you can find it here. Once you complete your circle you will see what areas need a little attention and you can start working on them.

Remember that the food that is on your plate is secondary to the food that feeds your being. Where does your real hunger lie?