Shift Your Focus

There is so much news out there today regarding “flattening the curve”. “Stay home”, they say. That’s all well and good, but what we should really be doing is shifting our focus from a constant state of illness, death and negativity to a state of wellness, healthy living and positivity. It’s not too late! If you start to focus on your health and well-being, you won’t have time to think about negative surroundings….trust me.

Stay hydrated! I cannot stress how important it is to stay hydrated. Water, caffeine-free teas, fresh juices and smoothies.

Eat the rainbow. Fill your plates with vegetables, especially leafy greens.

Limit your refined sugar intake.

Go outside and soak up the sun.

Parents, take a minute for yourselves. Lock yourself in your room if you have to. It’s not easy to be home 24/7 with kids and the constant, “mom, mom, mom” (or “dad, dad, dad”) gets a little old after the 100th time. Take a break and take some deep breaths to refresh yourself.

Take the numbers and flip them around. When someone on TV talks about the death count, do the math and calculate the survival count. Then turn off the TV 🙂

Let’s aim to be in a better state of health today so that once the curve is flattened we are ready to have fun and enjoy life!

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