Shift Your Focus

There is so much news out there today regarding “flattening the curve”. “Stay home”, they say. That’s all well and good, but what we should really be doing is shifting our focus from a constant state of illness, death and negativity to a state of wellness, healthy living and positivity. It’s not too late! If you start to focus on your health and well-being, you won’t have time to think about negative surroundings….trust me.

Stay hydrated! I cannot stress how important it is to stay hydrated. Water, caffeine-free teas, fresh juices and smoothies.

Eat the rainbow. Fill your plates with vegetables, especially leafy greens.

Limit your refined sugar intake.

Go outside and soak up the sun.

Parents, take a minute for yourselves. Lock yourself in your room if you have to. It’s not easy to be home 24/7 with kids and the constant, “mom, mom, mom” (or “dad, dad, dad”) gets a little old after the 100th time. Take a break and take some deep breaths to refresh yourself.

Take the numbers and flip them around. When someone on TV talks about the death count, do the math and calculate the survival count. Then turn off the TV 🙂

Let’s aim to be in a better state of health today so that once the curve is flattened we are ready to have fun and enjoy life!

Maintaining Your Health During a Pandemic

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 6 weeks, the term CoVid-19 is a daily word in our vocabulary these days. In addition to the physical illness that it causes it has created economic destruction, mass hysteria, panic, fear and uncertainty. So how do you maintain good health during a national health crisis? Here’s what I do (besides maintaining social distance).

1. I don’t listen/watch the news. I don’t have cable TV so the news networks are easily avoidable. If I want to listen to the President speak, I watch via and I avoid all commentary and opinions flashing across the screen.

2. I disabled my social media accounts.

3. I firmly believe that dehydration is a root cause of evil within the body. I start each day with a big glass of lemon water and continue with fluids throughout the day.

4. I sit outside and soak up the sun. The sun is a natural source of Vitamin D, an essential vitamin for a properly functioning immune system.

5. I maintain contact with my close family and friends via text. We’ve done egg coloring with our families, wine glass painting and games of Yahtzee all via the Houseparty App. Without them, I’d be lost.

6. I still eat fruits and vegetables. In the beginning of the stay-home order that was issued in my state (NY), this was difficult because I was craving high fat comfort foods, but I could feel my mental and emotional state declining so I made an extra effort to increase my intake of vegetables. Soups are a great way to get some veggies into your body while warming and comforting it at the same time.

7. I take one day at a time because that’s all I really can do. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring for me or my family, so I live in the present.

8. I practice gratefulness. I am thankful for my family, my friends, my home, my work and the air I breathe. Life can change in the blink of an eye. I am thankful for all I have and before I get out of bed each morning, I recite all I am thankful for.

9. I listen to music. It might be country, rock, 80’s, whatever I’m in the mood to listen to at the moment, but it’s a constant in my home. I dance and sing like no one can see or hear me. It helps me to clear my head.

10. I sleep 8-10 hours each night. Sleep allows the body to restore itself and to heal from the activities from the day. It also uses this time to digest and prepare for the elimination of toxins.

Each one of the steps above started with the word “I” because I am responsible for my own health and well being. No one else is responsible for me. And no one else is responsible for you. A healthy, properly functioning immune system is THE most important tool we can have right now. Let’s take care of ourselves.