Wow!  What a week.  Part of clean living is holding yourself accountable for your choices.  We make choices about what we are going eat and what we are going to drink throughout the day.  We also make all kinds of other decisions that affect us and those around us (and these choices have a great effect on our eating and drinking choices too – more than you know).  If you tend to lean more towards negativity, you will, no doubt, make poor choices when it comes to food and drink.  These choices will affect your health in negative ways.  If you lean more towards seeing the positive and making good choices, you and your health will benefit.  It’s a win, win for your physical, mental and emotional well being.

Do you hold yourself accountable for the words you speak?  Do you ever stop and think how your words affect other people?  Do you care?  I have been called a racist, sexist, homophobic, ignorant deplorable person multiple times during this week.  I assure you that I am none of these.  I hold myself accountable for the decisions that I made this past week.  I focused on issues that were important to me and my family and I based my decisions on those issues.  My issues were not more important than issues that other people focused on, but they were important to me.

Please start holding yourself accountable for your words and actions.  You’ll feel so much better, you’ll make others feel better and your physical, mental and emotion well being will thank you for it.  YOU are responsible for what YOU say, what YOU do, what YOU eat, what YOU drink.  Of course you are influenced by others on the outside, but rise up and be the person YOU want to be.  If you want to be filled with anger, then expect to be alone.  If you want to be filled with love, then love will come back to you in more ways than you know.