Originally written on September 6, 2016.

Today I did a lot of thinking about processing.  My first born took a big step towards independence – he boarded the bus to kindergarten.  It was a big send off with 10 of his closest family members gathered together to watch him go.  Would he cry?  Would I cry?  How would it go?  And after all was said and done my phone blew up with text messages from friends, “How did it go?”, “How did he do?”, “How did YOU do?”   The problem I had with that last question is that I don’t even know how I did.  I had no time to process what was happening.  You see, the bus arrived early so we rushed to take some pictures and then ran across the street to send him on his way.  Thirty seconds later, he was gone, and five minutes later everyone had gone on with their day, including me.  I retreated downstairs to my basement and got started on working because I had offered to work from home to alleviate the short staff in the office.  I made a mistake.  I should have taken the day off completely.  I gave myself no time to process what had just happened, and I was pretty upset all day, not that he was in school, but that I had no time to actually think about it.  I can’t relive the moment, but at least I know what to change in a few years when my youngest starts kindergarten.  Processing is important.  We process our feelings, we process our thoughts and do you know what else we process?  Food.

Do you ever process what you eat or what you are about to eat?  How do you think it will taste?  How do you think it will make you feel, during and afterwards?  Is eating something that is in front of you going to help you reach your goal of living a healthier lifestyle?  These are all questions that I actually ask myself before I eat.  Yes, it take a lot of thinking, but after so many years of doing it, it has become routine.  I don’t want to feel bad after I eat, because if I do most likely I will make poor food choices.  So if I know that something will make me feel bad I simply don’t eat it.  But to decide not to eat it takes a lot of thought.  Are you with me?  I know, it’s a lot to process.

Let’s keep it simple.  Next time you are offered something that you “know” you should not eat, stop and think about.  How will is make you feel and will it help you continue on your journey of a healthier life?  If the answers are bad and no, take a pass.